The charity says it was a prank gone wrong

St Vincent De Paul has cancelled a cheque donated to a student for his college funds, after he indicated on social media that he'd spend it at the races.

The charity says that it was a prank gone wrong and that the student was a genuine case.

The cheque was cancelled after several people saw a picture of it, beside a pint in the pub, with the caption; 'that's me sorted for the Listowel Races'.

In a statement that St Vincent De Paul said: 'It is SVP policy not to talk about any individual or family it supports.

 In relation to the SVP Education Bursary scheme which provides help for many students to access  third level education

there is a strong process in place for receiving and approving applications.

 Where support is provided the normal policy is to make cheques payable directly to the colleges or accommodation provider.

 SVP takes very seriously anything that could suggest a misuse of its support which ultimately comes from public donations.”