There has, however, been an increase in the number of children in emergency accommodation

New homeless figures show there was a slight drop in the number of people in emergency accommodation in April.

The Department of Housing says there were 9,652 people (5,963 adults and 3,689 children) living in emergency accommodation last month - a drop of 29 people compared to March.

Image: Department of Housing

However, a further 300 people in Meath and Dublin have been removed from the numbers after what has been described as a 'categorisation issue' - with the families involved said to be in homes rather than emergency accommodation.

A similar correction was made last month.

The Housing Minister has acknowledged moving people out of emergency accommodation "remains a significant challenge."

Speaking about the latest figures, Eoghan Murphy said: "I have said before that monthly reporting makes it difficult to identify any developing trends at an early stage, but from these figures it would seem that the presentation of new families in to emergency accommodation is stabilizing.

"That said, while the number of families in emergency accommodation is down this month, a small number of families with a large number of children did present, meaning that the number of dependents has risen by 43.”