Met Eireann says the sun will reach everywhere for a while over the Bank Holiday Weekend

You know the weather is going to be good when this is the message from AA Roadwatch:

Parts of the country will see highs of 21 degrees across the May Bank Holiday weekend.

As early morning mist and fog lifts, sunshine should come through more readily in the afternoon and evening over the coming days.

Forecaster with Met Eireann Pat Clarke says inland areas will see the best of the sunshine:

"Well it will be quite mixed, all areas will get some sunshine at some stage. It will be quite variable at different times. In some coastal areas fog and mist in particular could be an issue and could be slow to lift.

While generally speaking  inland overall we don't have those considerations and we'll probably get the best of the sunshine.

But I think overall taking the weekend as a whole all areas will get their share of sunshine at some stage."

Heading to the seaside this bank holiday could be good for your head, and your heart.

That's the finding of a new UK report which says the smells of the coast can not only help boost creativity, improve communication skills and wellbeing, but also help us fall in love.

Charles Spencer, who's Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, explains why getting back to nature helps;

"It has beneficial effects on mood, on relaxation, on well being. And also for many of us of a certain age it triggers happy childhood memories of years gone by, and as we revisit those memories we kind of bring with them the positive emotions of our childhood."