It's being treated as a suspected terrorist incident

Detectives in Barcelona say they are treating an attempted attack at a police station as a suspected terrorist incident.

A suspect was shot dead at a police station in Cornellà on the outskirts of the city earlier today.

Police said the man had attempted to attack an officer with a 'large knife' during the incident this morning.

In comments quoted by Reuters, local police official Rafel Comas told reporters: "However you look at it, it was a knife attack against an officer [by a man who] shouted 'Allah is great' and other things that were impossible to make out.

"For now, we are treating it as a terrorist attack."

Security has been stepped up at police facilities across Spain as a result.

Police added that the suspect lived near the station, and had been in the country 'for years'.

It comes only days after Barcelona marked the first anniversary of the deadly terror attacks last August that left 16 people dead.