New record of 714 patients on trolleys reached yesterday

The number of patients on trolleys has fallen again this afternoon, according to figures from the HSE.

It says there were 343 patients on trolleys as of 2 pm, including 18 children who were waiting on a bed.

The HSE was given an extra 5 million euro yesterday to spend on home care packages to help speed up the discharge of older patients.

Michael Harty from Homecare Direct says the sector has too few staff, a problem the Government needs to help tackle in time for next winter;

There’s a call for prefabs or modular units for Hospital Emergency Departments, to ease the overcrowding crisis.

There were 649 patients on trolleys this morning, down from yesterday’s record high of 714.

Meanwhile, a home care provider has dismissed as a PR stunt, the announcement of 5 million euro for home-care packages for delayed discharges.

Juliette Gash reports;