He made the suggestion in a room full of mass shooting survivors and victims' families

Donald Trump's proposing that some teachers in US schools should be armed with guns.

He made the suggestion as he met with survivors of High School shootings, at the White House.

They included students from last week's massacre in Parkland, Florida in which 17 people died. Groups representing Sandy Hook and Columbine were also there pleading for a change in the law.

The US President promised stronger background checks for those wanting to buy guns, but he also proposed arming teachers.

'If the coach had a firearm in his locker when he ran at this guy, that coach was very brave, saved a lot of lives I suspect. But if he had a firearm he wouldn't have had to run, he would have shot and that would have been the end of it'. 

Meanwhile, notes held by Donald Trump during yesterday's meeting with school shooting survivors included a reminder to say "I hear you".

The President took the official White House cue card into the listening session organised in the wake of last week's tragedy in Florida.

Many have hit out at the president for using the cheat sheet, accusing him of feigning compassion.

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