He's been criticised for his treatment of Rosie

A domestic abuse charity says there are 'clear warning signs' in the behaviour of a Love Island contestant.

Adam Collard has faced criticism over his treatment of Rosie after he moved on with another girl - blaming her insecurity for pushing him away.

The CEO of Women's Aid in the UK, Katie Ghose, said questioning someone's memory of events, trivialising their thoughts and feelings and turning things around to blame the other person can be a pattern of gaslighting and emotional abuse.

Gaslighting is where someone is manipulated into doubting their own sanity.

This morning, the director of Women's Aid Ireland, Margaret Martin said it is important the issue is being highlighted.

"What we would hear an awful lot in terms of coercive control is these kind of controlling behaviours," she said.

"These kind of put-downs which on their own look very small.

"It is the cumulative effect; if you think about it like a shower of rain, one drop of rain does not get you wet nut the more raindrops there are the wetter you get.

"That is the kind of impact that it has. It flattens people's confidence; it erodes their sense of judgement."

Writing on the Women's Aid UK website, Katie Ghose said: 'Last night, Rosie called out Adam’s unacceptable behaviour on the show. We ask viewers to join her in recognising unhealthy behaviour in relationships and speaking out against all forms of domestic abuse – emotional as well as physical. It is only when we make a stand together against abuse in relationships that we will see attitudes change and an end to domestic abuse.'

Fans of the show were horrified to watch Adam smirking while Rosie cried and told him how much he hurt her.

If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse in a relationship, you can call 1800 341 900 or visit womensaid.ie