And other things you can buy with 20 Grand.

To celebrate twenty years on-air TodayFM are giving you beautiful folks the chance to win 20,000 Euro in hard cash.

So, what could you do with it?

Here's a list of 10 Things To Do With 20 Grand

Buy yourself a house...yes a house...There’s a little cottage in Roscommon going for 25,000 ----- you could offer them 20 cash and have yourself a house! Okay it needs a loittle love but look at's sooo cute!


Prepare for the next Armabreadon. An 800G loaf Brennans Wholegrain Sliced Bread retails at about €1.50. You could buy 13, 300 loaves of bread. Get some fish to go with it and you’d be like Jesus.

At roughly 3 euro for a Tall latte – you could buy 6,600 coffees!!

If tea is your thing. You could buy a box of 160 Barry's Tea Gold Blend Tea Bags for 2,850 of your friends.

All the tickets are sold out for Ireland versus Scotland are sold out but fear not. With your 20 grand you can buy from one of those very reasonable sell on sites – the cheapest seat we could find is about 300 euro – so you could bring over 60 of your friends to the Aviva on the 10th of March!




There’s top quality Boer Buck Goats for sale in Wexford for only €500 quid each. That’s 40 goats for 20,000 – an entire herd all to yourself!

You could hire a little private jet but feck that when you can get an ACTUAL PLANE:


You could buy 6.5 acres in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.  These lands are situated in a friendly rural district and have potential for site development (subject to planning permission) and comprise of medium/coarse grazing. And it’s pleasantly situated within 3km of Dolla and 11km of Nenagh. You could be The King Of Tipp!

Or if you’re a Lord Of The Rings fan You could get Gandalf aka Ian McKellan for the day (according to Business Insider you could get the award winning actor to attend your party for a fee between 20k)

You may have to pay him extra to say “You Shall Not Pass” all day

Alternatively you could get 90 superstar Vanilla Ice for a cool 20 grand.  He’ll play your party or wedding but won’t wear the baggy pants and you’ll have to cover his cab fare and sandwiches.