It has actual magical powers

Feeling down? Have a cup of tea.

Catching up with a friend? Stick on the kettle.

Mid-afternoon slump? A cupán tae will sort that right out.

Our day pretty much revolves around when we'll get our next cup and as a nation, we are obsessed with that solitary teabag, the boiling water and as Mrs Doyle herself would put it, "the thrill of adding the milk and watching it settle for a moment".

Here's all the proof that we're obsessed with that cuppa cha!

It's The First Thing You're Offered When You Walk Into A House

"You'll have a cup of tea, won't you?"

Sometimes that's what you're greeted with before you even get a hello. And you're perfectly okay with that.

Anyone Who Doesn't Drink It Is Considered A Bit Odd

What do you mean you don't drink tea? What do you have instead? Water? Sure that's no good... 

We Bring It On Holidays

35 degree heat in Alicante? Best pack the teabags because let's be honest, the tea overseas just isn't the same. And don't get us started on the milk...

You Have Your Favourite Mug

You know the one already. There are roughly 300 mugs in the press but you're drawn to one in particular. Plus, you have a 'home mug' and a 'work mug'. And God forbid a colleague nicks it. There will be war!


We're Actually Offended When People Don't Make It Right

Nothing says betrayal that when a trusted friend makes a hames of your tea. It's grey, there's too much milk, there's not enough sugar ... I thought we were mates??

Nothing's More Tragic Than A Forgotten Cup 

Is there a sadder sight that a forgotten cuppa? A cup of tea that never lived out it's dream of being drank? We think not. 

So, who's making our next cup of tea?