Serious contender for Bridezilla Of The Year!

Or, the Decade, Century, or even Millennium more like!

If you took a smidge of Kardashian on their stroppiest day with a pinch of Mariah Carey and mixed it with Queen Victoria, and a spoon of Kanye West you might get close to this Bridezilla.

Behold one of the greatest threads you will read.

Here is what you need to know. This was shared on a Facebook Wedding Shaming Group (yes they exist) and it was picked up by this Twitter user and posted.

The Bridezilla had 15k saved up for a wedding. Sounds pretty good. Oh, no. She wanted her budget to be 60k so she could be "a Kardashian for a day" and demanded that her guests fill in the shortfall.

She even insisted the Maid Of Honour pay FIVE GRAND herself!

This is her telling everyone why she had to cancel after they refused to pay up.


Grab a cup of tay and a Mikado put your feet up and revel in this: