A Petition Has Got 30,000 Signatures To Stop Disney Having A Trademark On 'Hakuna Matata'

It's a Disney tune that we all know and love, but did you know that 15 years ago Disney put a trademark on it?

The phrase 'Hakuna Matata' is best known for being in the catchy tune featured in Disney's 'The Lion King', however now the people of East Africa want their phrase back. 

The Swahilian phrase 'Hakuna Matata' means 'no problem', but there is definitely a problem brewing with over 30,000 people arguing that Disney cannot own something they did not invent. 

And we have to be honest we would feel the same, our Irish phrases must be protected. 

We have invented some of the most creative, interesting and strange phrases that we are so proud of. 

Should Disney ever make an Irish themed movie we are prepared, we asked our listeners what phrases they cannot have.

And c'mere til I tell ya, they are some bleedin' deadly phrases! 

“I’m so hungry I’d eat a horse between two mattresses with a pinch of salt!!! - Barry, Cork

"I will in me hoop. Damn you Disney, that's not going to be Mickey's next catchphrase!!!"- Emma

"Sure If my granny had balls she'd be my Grandad" - Rory 

"Feck in all its forms, Feck Off, Feck's sake, Feckless and Feck it, sure it'll be Grand" - Dave, Dublin 

"Ya'va a head on ya like a bag of hammers" - Mick in Cavan

"When it's a really bad cold rainy windy day some guy said to me  " jaysus ya wouldn't put a milk bottle out in that " - Neal from Kildare

The Irish phrase I use the most is ‘What’s the craic’ - Geraldine, Carlow

“Cut your cloth to meet your measure!” Is the one we all use but I’d never heard it till I met my mother in-law.

One of my favorites is I’M SCARLET FOR YOUR MA. - Ger in cork