'We didn't get anything done'

Coronation Street producers were forced to remove the Guinness tap in The Rovers Return because actors on the hit soap would get into 'a state' when they drank it on set.

Speaking to Dermot & Dave, Kevin Kennedy who played Coronation Street's Curly Watts for 20 years, said, 'Pints started off as prop pints, which made you very gassy. There was a brilliant time where they actually put a real Guinness tap in the pub and of course everyone suddenly decided that their character would be drinking 'the black stuff' but then we didn't get anything done.'

'You can't fake Guinness, it has to be Guinness. So what they did, because of the state that everyone got in, they took the Guinness pump out. Guinness was 'off' all the time.'

During his #AskMeAnything questioning, Kennedy also told the lads about his Irish roots and revealed the one prop he stole from the set. 

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