The 70 rescue dogs had been living in one home

People are being asked to help in whatever way they can after 70 dogs were rescued from one home this week.

On Tuesday, Ash Animal Rescue in Wicklow received a call from a man who desperately needed help.

Over time the man has rescued 70 dogs and was caring for them in his home, taking in stray, sick, dumped and unwanted dogs and according to Ash Animal Rescue he did his best to care for them.

Ash Animal Rescue said, 'We know some people won’t understand this situation but the man in question genuinely did his best for his animals. The mere fact he had 70 dogs is a reflection of the pressure people in rescue feel to push themselves to the limit to help animals in need.' 

However over the past two years the number of dogs he rescued increased, along with the cost of looking after them and it got to the point where he was longer able to afford to get them neutered or vaccinated.

Yesterday the man made the decision to reach out to Ash Animal Rescue for help, for the sake of his animals. 

In total 50 dogs have now been transported to the animal rescue, who are already packed to capacity. 

These dogs will all now need to be treated for fleas, wormed and many will need to be treated for mange. 

A lot will still need to be neutered/ spayed and all will have to be vaccinated and microchipped. 

People are being urged to donate what they can here: