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In research conducted by Lyons the nation was asked how it took it's tea with three categories taken into consideration - brewing time, sugar and milk.

And according to the people that they spoke to, Carlow had the weakest tay with the shortest brew time while...Jaysus Schligo like a tar tay and left the bag in for the longest time.


You could stand on that lads.

Countea By Countea

Contrast that with Monaghan who only let the bag glimpse at the mug with a steep time of 40 seconds.

Longford makes the milkiest cup of cha. 

Offaly take the most sugar in their tea.

Tipperary loves a sweet cuppa before bed.

Ulster is mad for a milky cuppa with the most bainne in their tea. Donegal is only behind Longford for the whitest brew.