Some Things Are Better Off Left Inside Your Head

There are times in your life where you wish you could rewind ten seconds and take back whatever it was you just said. It sounded alright in your head but the second the words were out of your mouth – you regretted it.

Pamela Joyce is in for Muireann this week on TodayFM lunchtime and revealed her own. She was walking with some over the bridge in Carrick on Shannon on NYE. Beautiful views. The boats. Christmas lights. Without thinking she blurted out “ What river is this?”

She was in CARRICK ON SHANNON. Awks.

You shared all the best moments your mouth moved faster than your brain.

Eileen in Cork shared an absolute pearler.

(didn't Dexy's Midnight Runners do a song? ...erm)

Trevor needed a shovel for his when he met a former school friend:

My mum once went into a shop to get a couple of cones. Instead of asking for two 99s she asked the old lady behind the counter for two 69s. She then burst herself laughing and ran out of the shop, leaving me to wait for the cones. - Dannielle (Longford).

There was a beautiful girl who worked in Xtravision yrs ago and instead of saying how are you doing I Asked how can i do you ? - Seamus 

Hey Muireann! I'm a carer in a hospital & 1 day we had a blocked sink on the ward...i called the plumber who quickly fixed it & as he was leaving with a plunger in his hand i meant to say thanks for sorting that quickly it must have been straight forward but instead i came out with....."oh you sorted that fairly quick then, it just needed a good plunging"!!!! 😳 The man nearly died in front of me & i just ran away. It must be 10 yrs since that now & i still to this day feel my face go red when i see him, I'll never get over it #morto  - Emma, Drogheda

Hi. I popped into my old local in London one day and along with my pint, I asked for Chicken Itchings, rather than Pork Scratchings! πŸ˜‚ - James O'Donnell in Falcarragh, Donegal.

While cleaning out our terrapin tank, my wife asked was it OK to get the submersible pump wet whilst washing it - Gary Killybegs Donegal.

Going from Clare to Loughrea once when my friend asked, What is the name of the Lake outside the town? - James

My embarrassing slip of the tongue happened while I worked in a call centre, surrounded by 30 or so people. This happened on a quiet day of course - systems down so lots of chasing going on. The guy across from me winked at me for the 100th time that day so I told him to stop winking at me - week that's what I meant to say. What I actually said was "Stop wanking at me" The whole room heard it and our new (week old) supervisor turned around, gave me a look and then started laughing like everyone else - I was literally the colour of beetroot. Something to laugh at though. - Eileen in Cork.

Hi Pamela. We'd friends over for dinner over the holidays. My husband mentioned that I was going to get a tooth out and I said yes, Omar Shariff is the surgeon to which I got some weird looks. The actor? The one who died??? They asked. Well I wanted to die too. The surgeons first name is Shariff from one mortified soul in wexford πŸ€­πŸ˜‚