Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Yeah!

Some people are put off by the meaty head of James Corden because I suppose he just has one of those heads that annoy you.

It could be due to the fact that he always looks like he's having WAY TOO MUCH fun and we're a bit jels. Well, this must have been amazing so we're letting him off this time!

The Beatles are probably the world's most famous band, their place in musical history is assured so imagine spending the day with one of the founding members.

A Day In The Life

During their road-trip together through Liverpool, Paul MacCartney takes James Corden on a tour of all his childhood haunts and the places that inspired so many timeless classics. 

One of many highlights is a visit to his childhood home where he wrote so many of those early Beatles tunes and he gives a lesson in 'Bog Singing,' a place where Macca would sit for hours singing tunes with his guitar!

Hello, Goodbog (We Can Work It Out also fitting. Too much?)

A haircut in the Barbers on Penny Lane:

Twist And Shave

And of course there has to be a surprise gig at a local boozer:

Get Beer

With stories, singing, meeting emotional fans, his story about his dead Mother inspiring 'Let It Be' in a dream, and Macca reminding you of your favourite 'fit as a a fiddle' Auntie, this may have you gently weeping tears of joy.

Do yourself a favour and savour it from start to finish.

(Can't believe I got through this entire piece without mentioning The Long & Winding Road once...delighted)