Maybe we like the misery!

Grant Harrold was a Butler to Charlie and Camila Parker Coat for years and reckons he knows a thing or two about teabagging.

He says that us plebs have been getting it all wrong.

According to him these are the four rules for a Royal cup of tea:

  1. Pour the tea into the cup from a teapot
  2. Add milk to the cup after the tea, never before
  3. Stir back and forth — never use a circular motion (this could cause a spillage) and never touch the sides (this may result in a noisy clink)
  4. Sip from the cup, never slurp!

We're presuming you always lift the pinky finger too?

Never once does he say heat the pot! Or that the world's finest tea comes in either a Barry's or Lyons box! Or that a breakfast roll on a cold wet winter's morning must accompany said tay!

This guy is an amateur.

We've had our own Tea Queen for years and we're going with her.

Hot from a heated pot (tea cosy of course!) and a hape of sandwiches.