Future Is Now!

We've all been there.. you order a gigantic meal for one.. milkshake, pepperoni pizza, chips, garlic bread and a brownie.. the doorbell goes and your mind ridiculously spirals out of control with all of the assumed thoughts and judgements of the delivery person. Like:

"This order must be an order for two people" 

"Why did they order so much dough"

"Maybe they're just tasting the entire menu"

You whimper to the door in shame (probably still in your pyjamas) as your guilt ridden face avoids eye contact when you open the door to pay the hefty bill.

But fear not! Because of the arrival of food delivery robots is on it's way to Ireland! 

A fleet of these cute lil robots have been rolled out in London by Just Eat last year.

Source: DPA/PA Images

The Telegraph reports "Its radar, nine cameras and ultrasonic sensors allow it to detect and avoid obstacles such as pedestrians, cars and cyclists. A GPS system allows it to find the exact location to which it is delivering the order". And Just Eat text you with a unique PIN to unlock your order from the robot.

These robots can withstand bad weather conditions and still deliver food - with the forecast 'Beaster' cold snap this weekend, these bots could be very helpful for hungry homes.

With European cities and now London up and running, Ireland can expect them soon!