A member of Muireann's team is buying her first car - and she hasn't a clue!

She doesn't know her horsepower from her timing belts but ever since she decided to buy a car, she’s been inundated with pieces of advice from people.

So Muireann asked you - what's the advice you got when buying your first car?

Here are some of the best:

1. "Car buying advice. Always bring a magnet to check if car has been repaired with filler Evan"


2. "First thing my dad said to me when I got my first is "you'll never have money" so true .. Johnny in clare"


3. "Driving advice from my dad... "how much room do you give a cyclist?"  "Enough room to fall off" πŸ˜Š Think it's great advice. Laura in Cavan"


4. "When I bought my first car I was told that for every 1 mile of road there's 2 miles of ditches!!!! And that's a fact Eoin driving from westport back home to Sligo!!!"


5. "When I bought me first car. I was told make sure you buy something that can survive a few ditches and can round up cows from Mike the farmer".


6. "Two words: TIMING BELT"


7. "When I bought  my first car I was told to bring a machanic  to check over the car I didn't listen on my first or second  but if I had I would not need to have bought my 3rd car 2 months after I bought my second!! every  time I buy a car now I bring a machanic to check out the car it's a small price to pay to lower the risk of massive bills in the future  and always always run a check on the car to see if it's history is correct"


8. "My husband always says don't by a car from someone who lives near the sea, the sand will have ruined the body of the car"

9. "I was told never buy a red car because RED is for Danger , Gerry in Tallaght@