Actual Boots Boots.

These heeled horrors were spotted by comedy writer Christine Rose who posted her find on Twitter.

"A packet of paracetamol and erm... a pair of knee high boots please"

However you may need a prescription to get these yokes.

Here's these yokes in their full glory. And yes they are very real:

Obviously every branding opportunity is still advertising so Boots got in touch with a positive response:

However, these aren't the very worst we've ever seen.

There's tough competition from these U2 shoes.

"I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

Yeah, because I set them alight and buried them in a landfill:

And if they weren't enough to gut out your soul.

Who thought these were a good idea? I presume they come in twenty different parts and have an Allen key.


And finally. If you're inspired by pies and pasties then these are for you!

Introducing 'Greggings'