Could this mean the end of bag arm strain?

This looks like a trench-coat but it's more like something Jane Bond would wear.

According to the makers, this coat will "liberate the contemporary woman to live handbag free. The Liberation Coat is a staple in any wardrobe. It gets its name because inside there are loads of pockets, all labelled, so you don't need to take a handbag out with you."

'The Liberation Coat' could mean the end of the one armed big bicep syndrome caused by the carrying of large handbags constantly on the same side. 

If you want rid of the handbag and don't mind looking like Inspector Gadget then read on....

The magic ingredient is pockets..and LOTS of them:

And they're all labelled so no repeats of rustling through your handbag in the dark.


To replace the handbag they have sown in pockets for:

Credit card
Key fob 
Coin purse


If you fancy ditching the handbag you can buy it here