We've all been there

Lunchboxes, sick bags and 'are we there yet' can only mean one thing - school tour season is upon us. 

At some stage, you'll more than likely be roped in to volunteer at your child's annual tour. 

Twitter user, Simon Smith, volunteered to help bring his daughter's class to the science museum in London yesterday. 

However, instead of just grinning and bearing the spectacle, Simon decided to live-tweet it and the results are gas.

Strap in - this is a long one and bear in mind that some of the language is a little colourful:

It didn't get off to the best start.

There were farts almost straight away:

Which inevitably led to a few tears:

His patience was tested:

Of course, one child went astray:


There was lots and lots of vomit.

Until finally he made it home:

Check out his epic thread in full here. Trust us, it is glorious.