This Heatwave Is Making People Lose Their Cool

With no end to the heatwave in sight, we're all starting to get a bit crabby and secretly praying for a bit of rain to cool us down. From cold showers to sleeping with nothing but a top sheet to hide our modesty we're all pretty fed up at this stage. 

However bad bed time is, it's nothing compared to the commute to work. Public transport during a heatwave is just a few degrees away from the fiery pits of Mount Doom. A giant sauna on wheels if you will. Any gust of wind is a welcome relief and if anyone dares close a window, silent judgement and outrage ensues.

Enter these two passengers on a bus in Russia. For 4 whole minutes they engaged in a tug of war with the window without saying a single word to each other. At one point, the man in favour of an open window even tries to block his opponent by leaving his hand in the way of the closing window, with little to no effect. 

The video stops while their still fighting their battle, so we don't know how it ended. For all we know they're still at it!