She is our absolute hero.

We spotted this today and thought it was absolutely brilliant.

The RTE Archives posted a news report from 30 years ago of an 11-year-old girl who used an unusual mode of transport to get around.

Deirdre Murtagh from Cloghan outside Mullingar in Westmeath would ride her nine month old Fresian calf Betsy around the village and would even use her when she was going to the shops to get messages.

Obviously roping in the little brother Brendan to look after Betsy while she's grabbing the shopping.

Here's a snippet of Deirdre chatting on that news report:

That RTÉ News report broadcast in October 1988 so Deirdre would be 41 years of age now.

We know what happened to Betsy but what happened to Deirdre?

Did she find another steed?

Well think no more because The Muireann O'Connell Show tracked her down!

After speaking to a LOT of Murtaghs in Westmeath/Meath the team we got a hold of Deirdre Murtagh and spoke to her about her moment of fresian fame.

She said Betsy lived into her twenties. After leaving the farm she went back with her daughter years later and Betsy came straight over and Deirdre held her while she put her own daughter on Betsy's back. 

She also said that RTE gave her a tape but it got lost. Her own kids got to see the video online and were in tears!

Just press play here to have a listen to here talking to TodayFM's Claire Beck:

Deirdre is now a Mum herself and has three beautiful children of her own.

However, they prefer to walk or get a lift to the shops!

You can watch the full news report archive video here