Snooker must be a real headache.

Here’s an incredible statistic we spotted this morning that just made us go wow fair play…

Never mind flat-screen, 4k, curved, HD, Plasma, LED , LCD, OLED etc. 

According to figures revealed by TV Licensing more than 7,000 homes in the UK are STILL watching television in black and white.

The figures show that 7,161 UK households are yet to switch over even though colour television was brought in over 50 years ago. 

We would love to know the statistics for Ireland. 

A TV Licensing spokesman said: “Over half of the UK's TVs now connect to the internet so it's interesting that more than 7,000 households still choose to watch their favourite shows on a black and white telly.”

We think that is amazing and fair play to those people for bucking the trend.

Muireann asked listeners what ancient items in their house they Refused To Lose?

Here are some of the best:

Listen to Billy in Limerick tell Muireann about his old Hotpoint washing machine his Granny gave him with a mangle on the back!

Muireann, none of the appliances we buy nowadays will have that longevity, they have a built in lifespan so they will have to be replaced. Phones about 2 years, washing machines about 6 and so on. It’s called ‘planned obsolescence’ - Sharon

Does a Sony Walkman from the 90s count? Still works不. - Robbie Limerick

Hi Muireann. i have an old hand mixer for whipping cream or eggs etc. it has the two rotary bits and the little handle at the side you  turn . i was bought 2 electric hand whisks as presents over the years  but i kept the hand whisk and still use it. i wont throw  it out. i love it. dont know how old it is but prob 30 years. - Regards Marion


Hi Muireann, a few weeks ago we had to replace the microwave that finally gave up the ghost after 32 years. We also have the old fridge out in the shed, still working perfectly, that's been in the house since my parents moved in in 1986 but it could have been made a few years before that. Both appliances are older than me! -  Sinead, Raheny.


My husband queued outside switzers sale to buy a la creuset saucepan set 34yrs ago. We still have them and they are still perfect.


Muireann, My parents have a hostess trolley the thing you plug in to keep food hot with glass dishes at the top for veg. They got it in the 70’s as a wedding present. I actually think my sister has it now since she did Christmas last year! Still going strong bar a bit of dodgy looking wiring in the plug. They don’t make things like the used to. - Eimear


Hi Muirean, I still have a wedding present the my Mam was given when she was moving into the family home 45 years ago,a fold up ironing board with a seat for when she was doing piles on ironing, 不不 now I'm the only person who uses it , the wife just uses a towel thrown across the kitchen table when she running out the door不不 - Colm in Drumcondra