Today FM Quiz - Week 2 - Answe...

Dermot & Dave

Today FM Quiz - Week 2 - Answers

Alison Healy
Alison Healy

8:24 PM - 9 May 2020


Round 1 - Ireland Round - Keeping her Country
Question 1

The Black Velvet BLANK is a folk song set in Belfast.          (Band)

Question 2

In which Irish County was Pierce Brosnan born?                (Meath)

Question 3

Which of these laws came into effect first?

  • The Smoking Ban
  • The Plastic Bag Levy?*
Question 4

Irish fitness foodies Stephen and David Flynn are better known as what?                                                                    (The Happy Pear)

Question 5

*GUEST* Ed Smith - What was the last year Mayo won an All-Ireland?

1950, 1951* or 1952

Question 6

The Irish flag is similar in design, but in the opposite order, to that of which African nation?                                             (The Ivory Coast)

Question 7

How many times has Ireland won The Eurovision?                    (7)

Question 8

*GUEST* - Mark McCabe - Where was ‘Maniac 2000’ recorded?
      -    Bedroom in Dublin

  • Clontarf Cricket Club*
  • Windmill Lane Studios
Question 9

Who wrote Ireland's Call?                                            (Phil Coulter)

Question 10

*GUEST* - Glenda Gilson - Who was Glenda's glamorous co-host on this special episode of Xpose? 

                                                                                (Vincent Browne)

Round 2 - Viral Sensation
Question 11

"Kevin From Galway" on What's Snots? was one of the funniest moments on Irish TV. But what was the name of The Den presenter at the time?

Francie Boylan*, Damien McCaul

Question 12

What location was the breakdancing Rose representing?

  • Melbourne
  • Cork
  • New York
  • Dublin*
Question 13

What was the No.1 'Google Trend' in Ireland in 2011?

  • Pippa Middleton*
  • Georgia Salpa
  • Kate Middleton
  • Steve Jobs
Question 14

*Aengus MacGrianna* - What year was this blooper?


2005, 2009, 2013*, 2015

Question 15

*GUEST* Brian Dowling - How many public votes did Brian Dowling receive in the Big Brother Final?


2.2million, 4.2million*, 8.2million or 11.2million

Question 16

Which 'Dancing With The Stars' contestant had a bit of trouble with their fake tan back in 2017?


Tomás O'Leary, Denis Bastick, Hughie Maughan*, Darren Kennedy

Question 17

Who was the popstar judge that was on the panel when Niall Horan auditioned for the X-Factor in 2010?                              (Katy Perry)

Question 18

Finish the sentence:

"Don't make unnecessary journeys! Don't take risks on treacherous roads! And don't BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK" (4 words to fill in)

Question 19

Ok, a bit of a different one here. We need you to watch this super popular Irish viral video. Keep your eyes peeled, then once we come back, we’ll ask you a question on SOMETHING in the video!


*Keep your eyes peeled, you only get to see it once - play video*

Question after = What drink was the kid at the table drinking?

Answer: "Milk:

Question 20

11 years on from his first appearance on The Late Late Toy Show, what was this person known for?

  • Fionn - The Rapping Farmer
  • John Joe - The Horologist*
  • Toby - Who sang with Girls Aloud
  • Mark - Junior Culchie of Ireland
Round 3 - Image Round - Faceswap / Guess logo
Question 21

Faceswap 1 - You must get both answers to get a point. When inputting, follow format: "ANSWER 1, ANSWER 2" (ie. include comma)

                                                           (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian)

Question 22

Emoji 1 - We ONLY need the song title. This song title has 2 words in it!

                                                                                  (Chasing Cars)

Question 23

Faceswap 2 - You must get both answers to get a point. When inputting, follow format: "ANSWER 1, ANSWER 2" (ie. include comma)

                                                            (Jack Black, Jason Bateman)

Question 24

Emoji 2 - We ONLY need the song title. This song title has two words in it.

                                                                               (Bad Guy)

Question 25

*GUEST* Alison Curtis - Guess the Album Cover - we ONLY need the artist

                                                                  (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Round 4 - General Knowledge
Question 26

In what country was Christian Bale born in?

Wales*, Canada, England, Australia

Question 27

In what year was Barack Obama first elected?                       (2008)

Question 28 

What TV show featured the characters Zach Morris, AC Slater and Screech?                                                           (Saved By The Bell)

Question 29

In 2002, Girls Aloud won Pop Stars: The Rivals, but can you name the boy band they competed against?


One True Voice*, Hear’Say, Liberty X, Another Level

Question 30

Who had a hit with the song ‘She Will Be Loved’?          (Maroon 5)

Question 31

What title did the Irish rugby team win in 2009?          (Grand Slam)

Question 32

Who played Wolverine in X-Men?                           (Hugh Jackman)

Question 33

‘Brahma’ is a national beer of which country?                        (Brazil)

Question 34

In the Netflix docuseries Tiger King, in what state is Joe Exotic’s G.W Zoo located?

Georgia, Nebraska, Oklahoma*, Mississippi

Question 35

*GUEST Question* - Grainne Seoige - This is a true or False Question.

"Gráinne Seoige was the news anchor to read out the inaugural news bulletin on three separate channels – TG4, TV3 and Sky News Ireland – true or false?”

Round 5 - Guess The Intro - we ONLY need song titles
Question 36 - All That She Wants - Ace of Base
Question 37 - Juice - Lizzo
Question 38 - Love Machine - Girls Aloud
Question 39 - Place Your Hands - Reef
Question 40 - Pure Shores - All Saints
Question 41 - Senorita - Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello
Question 42 - Scar Tissue - RHCP
Question 43 - Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi
Question 44

Dermot -                                                (George Ezra - Shotgun) 


“Homegrown alligator, see you later, Gotta hit the road, gotta hit the road, The sun it changed in the atmosphere, Architecture unfamiliar, I can get used to this”

Question 45


Making Me Dance - Wild Youth

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