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Want To Be Your Personal Best? Follow These TodayFM Leaders

We've all gotten a little fond of the oul couch over the past couple of months, and with the evening...

5:43 PM - 9 Nov 2020

Want To Be Your Personal Best?...

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Want To Be Your Personal Best? Follow These TodayFM Leaders


5:43 PM - 9 Nov 2020

We've all gotten a little fond of the oul couch over the past couple of months, and with the evenings drawing in and things getting a little bit festive, it's easy to say to yourself 'sure I'll start next year'.

But what if you could end this incredibly weird year on a high, and do so by getting to Your Personal Best.

Dermot and Dave have teamed up with Sport Ireland and trainer Paul Opperman to look at the lifestyles of people around Ireland and see what small tweaks we can make to improve how they feel inside and out.

Across the next few weeks, we'll be following the progress of four Dermot and Dave listeners as they work with Paul on exercise, nutrition and looking after themselves a little bit more.

And the best part? You can join in from home too! Just find the leader who suits you best and stay tuned to Dermot and Dave each week for some tips on how you can find Your Personal Best.

Want To Be Your Personal Best? Follow These TodayFM Leaders

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So...who are our lucky leaders?

Meet John from Cork

John Dineen, 39, is from Co Cork and works as a Garda. He's married to Susan with two young kids. For John, the pounds have been chasing him for a couple of years. While he's into GAA coaching and has a pretty good diet, when things slip and he falls off the wagon, the scales creep up.

Two months ago, he found himself at the heaviest he's been in 20 years. After joining a gym, he lost a stone in six weeks but now that the gyms are closed, he wants to find a sustainable way of changing his lifestyle once and for all.

Meet Rebecca from Limerick but living in Kerry

Rebecca Griffin, 32, from Limerick but living in Kerry is a freelance hair-dresser. While things have been quiet for her work-wise this year, things at home are 'like a circus'. Rebecca has three under 6 and spends most of her time caring for her family, to the detriment of her own free time. Most evenings, she doesn't have dinner and instead will snack on the kids leftovers and goodies from the fridge.

Now, she wants to get back to how she felt pre-babies and get a handle on her own time to look after herself. Rebecca says 'if I can't be happy and well in myself, how can I be there for my family'. Rebecca's goal is to feel more comfortable and happy in herself come Christmas Day.

Meet Alan from Cavan

Alan Brady, 35 is from Cavan and started a new job with a security firm just before the nation went into lockdown. Since then, he's been working from home and hasn't even met some of his colleagues in person yet!

Alan recently got engaged and is thinking a lot about the future, in particular having children. While he was super sporty in the past, after giving up GAA and rugby in the last few years, he's seen his weight increase and his activity levels decrease. He has recently gotten into doing a little bit of swimming but can't go to gyms in level 5...and there's not many places for a bit of swimming in Cavan in November.

Meet Jimmy Prior from Limerick

Jimmy Prior, 56, from Dooradoyleis a busy Dad and Granddad and works at Southill Family Resort.

For someone who is always offering much wanted advice to people, he's a divil for not taking it and is desperate for minding himself when he needs to.

Now, Jimmy wants to make this month the 'Mind Jimmy Month' and wants to build his energy to look after his family.

Your Personal Best fitness expert Paul Opperman will be training Alan, Rebecca, John and Jimmy over the next couple of weeks and we'll be there every step of the way.

Keep an eye on this page for workouts, nutrition tips and to see how our four get on!

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