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Q For Cucumber!

It's the first of November - rabbit rabbit! Goodbye Hallowe'en, with your stupid, annoying fireworks...
Paula MacSweeney
Paula MacSweeney

8:30 AM - 1 Nov 2019

Paula MacSweeney
Paula MacSweeney

8:30 AM - 1 Nov 2019

And other thinks that made us go... huh?!

It's the first of November - rabbit rabbit! Goodbye Hallowe'en, with your stupid, annoying fireworks which are both annoying and illegal (not to mention, they look crap)

And hellooooo Christmas! One listener's wife turned on the Christmas lights at 12.01am last night. Huh? I'm all for Christmas but it's a teeny bit (just a teeny bit!) too early for Christmas. It got us talking about things that made us go huh?!


  • “Paula once when I worked at a call centre, someone said "Q for cucumber" to me!”


  • “Paula speaking of high schools versus secondary schools, what makes me go HUH is people who say MOM in Ireland!”


  • “My ex asked if the film 'The Martian' was actually filmed on Mars. Hence the word EX!”


  • “Morning Paula! Listening in Basel, Switzerland. My mate Boey (Bowie) in Drogheda always says, 'You don't want to upset the apple TART' instead of CART. He's a gas man!  Loving the early show! Keith and Monica!”

  • “My niece thinks that that if you got in a plane, and flew against the rotation of the Earth, that you'd go back in time!”


  • “Hi Paula, what's the craic? I live in Sydney. Recently I was asked do ye have flies in Ireland! Second time I’ve been asked that!”


  • “Hi Paula a friend of mine was convinced that donkeys grew up to be horses!” - John in Wexford


  • “I work for Dell. Gee, you must be busy delivering all those parcels! True story!” - Ger in Trim


  • “Paula, when I take our clothes out of washing machine, my partners clothes are always twisted, one sleeve or one leg inside out! I’ve asked that when she takes clothes off to ensure they’re put in laundry bin either inside out or regular (easier to hang up to dry) She insists the washing machine twists her clothes… but it doesn’t twist mine! Anyone figure that one out?!”


  • “Whilst living in NY I was constantly commended on my mastering of the English language!” – Cathal, Naas


  • “Hey P, years ago a friend asked if I had heard gorilla warfare over in Columbia. I asked. hoping she is not saying what I thought she was saying, real gorillas and yes she states “yep real gorillas”!!”

  • “Morning SP, my friend described someone as a one hit pony, he mixed up “ one hit wonder” and “one trick pony”!!”


  • “When I was getting my daughter’s birth cert I was asked if I was sure my husband was the father and if I really wanted to spell her name that way! I kid you not!”- Sandra, Waterford city


  • “Morning Paula. The best I heard was when I was first going out with my wife. I complained of a back pain and said it feels like one of my kidneys. Her response despite being in her final year of a nursing degree was but you only have one kidney!” - Dan in the car


  • “Hey Paula. A friend of mine was convinced a carpenter = fitted carpets”


  • “My brother said he KNEW he was intelligent because, when watching TV shows, he almost always figured out who the bad guy was.....before the other characters figured it out!”


  • “Hi Paula. I was putting in a footpath for the council in Carrick when a passer-by asked me if that made me a state pathologist!”


  • “Hey Paula. My Swedish wife says “Tommy no friends” instead of “Billy no mates”. Still cracks me up!” – Dave, Stockholm


  • “Morning Paula, I had a colleague who used to say “ that’s another string in the cap or feather in your bow!” – Corrie


  • “My ex was doing her driving test and was asked how do you know when you need to replace your tyres!! She went to the tyre, rubbed the little bristles at side of the tyre and said when these fall off?! She still passed the test!”


  • “An elderly lady was very low in hospital and on a respirator. Over the days a man I was speaking to said I hear Mrs *** is very low, she’s on a vibrator!”


  • “After 10 years of trying and 2 IVF attempts, I found out my  wife is 4 weeks pregnant 2 days ago. Naturally! That was a Huh!! Moment, for me anyway!” - Anonymous


  • “A gang of us were in Liverpool and there was a Ferris Wheel. One girl turned around and said, "Oh look, the London Eye". She couldn't understand why we were doubled over laughing!”

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