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What's YOUR Party Piece?

“Morning Sweetpea, what would be your special talent on the Rose of Tralee that you could do in less...

8:27 AM - 21 Aug 2018


8:27 AM - 21 Aug 2018

“Morning Sweetpea, what would be your special talent on the Rose of Tralee that you could do in less than 2 minutes?” – ? Jayo

Well now, there’s a question. Recite a lovely little poem? Sing a nice song? Do a jig up and down the stage? Or, if last night’s party pieces are anything to go by… take Daithi’s blood pressure? Bench-press him? Fold a napkin?!

These days I do a great impression of a stuck pig whenever I sit or lie down and need to get up. It’s truly spectacular how much I have to wriggle to get myself up, and don’t start me on the grunting noises I involuntarily make. 

Here are some party pieces by the listeners of The Early Breakfast, who have assured me they don’t mind if any of the Roses in tonight’s show wants to steal them:


  • “My talent is turning my eyelids inside out!” – Gary, Leitrim


  • “I can tie cherry stems into knots with my tongue”


  • “Relighting a candle using the smoke after its been blown out!”


  • I've been known to put my feet behind my head and roll around on the floor after I've had a few too many”


  • “Cracking an apple with bare hands!”


  • “I can say a lot of words backwards without giving it any thought. It's just some weird thing I’ve always been able to do!”


  • “I am fluent in Pig Latin!”


  • “Taking the cap off my beer with my hand using my wedding never misses...!”


  • “I can do a one handed push-up. Just the one though!”


  • “Hi Paula, My party piece is I can breakdance quite well. I learnt in college no one ever expects it haha!” - Michael


  • “I can air guitar most songs without much rehearsal!” - Brian


  • “I can clap with one hand!”


  • “I can fling a rubber band with incredible accuracy. Nobody ever cares though!”




“If I were on the Rose of Tralee,

A poem I would write.

I would not care about the prize

I’d just want to enjoy the night

All the other roses would listen, laugh and say

Chrisht that wesht cork rose is gonna be tough to beat today

Every year we end up watching it, it’s like an Irish tradition.

But it wouldn’t hold the coat of Ted’s Lovely Girls Competition

So to all taking part ye are lovely too

And best of luck tonight please can I have a beanie?” - Trish









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