Claire called on your remedies

Hayfever season is well and truly upon us and anybody who suffers from it knows how tough it is to treat.

Claire Beck was in for Fergal on Monday and called on you to share some of your more 'alternative' cures. Here are some of the best:

1. Vaseline

"Rub Vaseline on your nostrils and eye lashes. It's a brilliant help for hay fever, Callum Jordan , Carlow"

2. Switch Up Your Meds

"Hi, change your hay fever pill. Your body will have gotten used to the active, so you need to change the brand to get a different active. Moira, hay fever hater."

3. Nettles

"Sting yourself with Nettles all that extra histamine you over produce is sent to fight the sting instead of clogging you up"

But there is a less painful alternative...

"You can drink nettle tea too if you want to avoid the sting! honey works too. Kevin"

4. Wash Your Hair At Night

"I heard that if you wash your hair in the morning, switch it to night-time. This will get rid of any pollen that’s found its way into your hair, so it won’t end up on your pillow and cause mayhem while you’re sleeping. Edel"

5. Chamomile Tea

"Hi, I had the worst hayfever in my life Saturday. I was a sneezing mess all day. I tried everything with no relief whatsoever... What eventually worked was chamomile tea with loads of honey".

6. Local honey

"If you can take a spoonful of locally produced honey each day before the season starts, it's meant to ease the symptoms. Shane from Monasterboice"

'Hi there, i worked with a sufferer a few years ago and he was cured using what's known as bee keepers honey. It is the honey that is skimmed off the top of the honey that bee keepers sell, containing pollen and antibodies from the bees. There is nothing wrong with it, it just looks opaque so it's not generally for sale. You need to get it from a bee keeper that is local to where you live, as that is where the pollen that affects you will be found in greatest quantity.  A tablespoon a day from March till the end of summer. He swore by it. Marty"

But be careful when Googling the local honey...

"I was told if you source honey locally from a bee farm it works a treat… However, I had a job trying to explain it to the wife when she found “Local Honey from Maynooth” in the google search history!!! Matt"