Louise Duffy's Play Irish Artist Of The Week

We love this song by Warsaw Radio, 'Ms Monroe' is a upbeat guitar based track which has a sniff of Nathaniel Rateliff about it.

That's why they are Louise Duffy's Play Irish Artist of the Week.  

Warsaw Radio are based in Brighton and formed when Limerick native Brian MacNamara posted an advert online to form a band back in 2013.

They have just released their album 'Midnight Broadcast' on Friday. 

According to McNamara the name of the band came about when he was reading a history book and there was a couple of paragraphs about the siege of Warsaw in 1939. “During the siege they had a live orchestra performing on air to help with peoples morale…. the musicians on Warsaw Radio kept going until their transmitter was hit by a shell. It was a pretty incredible story and it reminded me of the famous quartet on the Titanic who kept on playing as the ship sank. I liked the message of defiance and we were looking for a band name so that's where it began.

Bates & McNamara performed as a duo initially and played with a variety of line-ups on the Brighton and London music scenes.  The duo attracted attention due to the unique blend of McNamara’s baritone vocals and Bate’s soaring strings. Laurence Bridge joined the band full time in 2014 on bass. Bridge had previously worked with a number of indie rock acts in Brighton and the likes of Tom Odell and Lucie Barat. Paul Lennox (drums) and Edd Mann (lead guitar) completed the W.R touring line-up.

Have a listen below to the clip. Louise Duffy Lost In Music Weeknights 7pm