"Cyclists have got to use the roads with discipline"

So far this year, eight cyclists have died on Irish roads, with the latest fatality occurring in Cork yesterday. Following this, we ask what can be done to make our roads safer for cyclists.

Richard Oakley, editor of the Times Ireland edition, pointed out that the number of cyclists using the roads is constantly increasing, which is why it is more important than ever to be vigilant.

He said that motorists should keep in mind that "the person cycling next to you could be your son or daughter."

Although cycling related injuries are common in urban areas, fatalities are more likely to occur on rural roads. John McGuirk's advice to cyclists is that they should always remain visible.

Conor Faughnan feels it's unfair to place the blame for accidents on one group of road users, and that everyone needs to take responsibility.

"Motorists have got to moderate their behaviour," he said. "Cyclists have got to use the roads with discipline, and sometimes they don't."

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