Are cyclists in cities too reckless?

Yesterday we discussed the dangers of cycling, particularly in rural areas, and how our roads can be made safer for both cyclists and motorists.

Following on from this, we looked at cycling in the city and whether or not cyclists are too reckless.

Niall Ring of Dublin City Council and Dr. Damien Ó Tuama of spoke to us about the issue.

Damien said that cyclists "need to be courteous to other road users, you need to be communicative. The best way to instill these habits in cyclists is to introduce cycle training in schools. If you get people on bicycles with good habits, they subsequently have good driving habits."

Niall feels "a cultural change needs to be made." Cycling with headphones on, with no lights and on footpaths are some of the main problems that can cause accidents.

Listen to the full interview below: