Random genius.

According to a quick search on Google God up to 1.2 trillion photos were taken on smartphones in 2017.

That's a LOT of selfies/pics. Most will probably be forgotten or deleted but some will become treasured memories ...just like these ones:

How freaked would you be:

After a blackout night, my mate woke up to a ripper selfie on his phone! from r/australia

Here's one you wouldn't expect:

Had to give my phone to the nurse when I went into have my finger partially amputated woke up to this gem from r/funny

Googly eyes enhance everything. FACT:

Friend left her purse in an Uber on NYE. Found some interesting pictures on her phone when she retrieved it the following day. from r/pics

This is superb:

This is impressive. It looks like the start of a long drunken tale or a joke...

My friend got separated from our group in Vegas one night. He managed to make it back to our room. In the morning he was passed out holding his phone. I turned it on and this picture popped up. from r/funny

Sometimes the phone thief can be very cute...

My phone takes a picture when someone enters the wrong knock code. Woke up to this from r/funny

Grannies can NOT be trusted:

I left my phone downstairs yesterday. My grandma and aunt figured out where the camera is. from r/pics

The rule of any party is keep that phone on your person or this happens:

I blacked out at a party and found this on my phone. I have no clue who this person is.

Save the best for last:

My friend and I got drunk the other night & found this on my friend's phone the next day from r/pics