Finally. Grinds you can enjoy!! Woohoo!

Unless you're Young Einstein we have all needed a little push when it comes to certain subjects.

For me it was Maths, I am a certified Mathlexic so my mammy organised some grinds to help me escape my Pythagoras hell. It worked.

And now parents are doing the same things with online video game phenomenon, 'Fortnite' by employing tutors to improve their kid's survival skills.

If you still don't know what it is here's a quick tutorial...

And you're building forts geddit?

It's also got the biggest sport stars in the world doing the dances:

It's influence everywhere including playgrounds is HUGE.

So, in a report in the Wall Street Journal one parent was so worried about their 10 year old getting continually beaten in the game they hired an online 'Fortnite Tutor' to help him gain an advantage.

She was concerned about the game affecting his self-esteem like maybe the equivalent of getting picked last in the playground for football. Not nice.

She found an online tutor for four hours of lessons costing $50.

Is this so stupid? It could even be a reward and the kids gets to feel better. And what I love about this is that the Journalist also spoke to PARENTS who'd got the Fortnite grinds secretly so their kids would stop humiliating them!

Tell you what. Give me Fortnite Grinds over Maths anyday!