This ad is bursting with festive feels!

Elton John might be lording it over the new John Lewis advert but you will never beat the classics.

On the radio it's probably gonna be that Barry's Tea train-set advert and on d'telly it will more than likely be that Coca-Cola truck or the Guinness snow scene but for many including the Fergal D'Arcy show the Kellogg's Cornflake girl is the one that sets us up for the festive season. 

It has the festive feels all over it (and not just because she is the bulb off my two year old) and I get emotional when it comes on.

The part of the little girl was played by twins! Alex and Holly Stapley...

Well the girls have little people all of their own now.

Both went on to play minor roles in other TV shows and movies...most notably a blink and you'll miss it role in Mean Girls:

but then left for real life... GORGEOUS. 

Holly Mahmoudzadeh (nee Stapley) is now married (below)and working as a nurse in Toronto. 

And her sis Alex is working as a customer service agent. Both jobs that involve enriching other people's lives. We always knew that advert had real feels and we love it even more now.