He is seeking donations to pay off his €3,500 bill

Would you chip in to help pay another person's phone bill? That's what one man is asking people to do.

Cafe owner Paul Stenson ran up a huge phone bill of €3,500 in roaming charges while abroad. He claims he was not notified about this in advance by the network so that he could opt out.

Paul set up a GoFundMe page (here) to try and persuade the public to help him pay off the bill. He has been providing free entertainment since November to encourage donations from his followers. He says he asked nicely for donations: "I didn't hold a gun to anybody's head." To date, hundreds have already chipped in.

We were also joined on the show by Adrienne Gonzalez, founder of the site GoFraudMe, which raises awareness about fraudulent crowd-funding.

Where do you stand on this story?

You can listen to the full interview below: