COVID-19: 5,483 New Cases In Ireland

There are 549 patients hospitalised with the virus - of which 96 are in ICU
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

5:43 PM - 12 Nov 2021

COVID-19: 5,483 New Cases In I...


COVID-19: 5,483 New Cases In Ireland

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

5:43 PM - 12 Nov 2021

There have been 5,483 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland.

Latest available figures show there are 549 patients hospitalised with the virus - of which 96 are in ICU.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan says there is an increased incidence across almost all age-groups.

"Today we are reporting one of our highest ever daily figures of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

"This is another indication of the very significant increase in the incidence of disease in almost all age-groups across the population.

"As we look ahead to the weekend, we need to continue to make every effort we can to drive down incidence of disease and break the chains of transmission.

"Before you leave the house, think about the number of people you are going to meet, and the risk associated with the activities you have planned".

Dr Holohan says the following checklist can reduce risk:

  • Keep your contacts low and avoid crowds
  • Wear a mask correctly
  • Meet outside if possible
  • Avoid poorly ventilated indoor spaces
  • Practice good hand and respiratory hygiene

He adds: "Vaccines remain extraordinarily effective against severe disease, and the vast majority of people with COVID-19 are experiencing mild symptoms.

"However, the outcome for any one individual who is diagnosed with COVID-19 is uncertain and it remains vital that we all continue to adhere to the public health advice in order to protect ourselves and our families.

"There are currently 549 people in hospital, 96 people are receiving critical care and this disease continues to have a very significant impact on families, communities and across the health service

"If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you should assume that you have this virus - self-isolate immediately and arrange a test. Do not assume that it's just a cough or a cold."

Meanwhile NPHET is recommending the Government extends the Digital COVID Certificate to areas not yet covered by it.

In his latest letter to Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, Dr Holohan says there is "significant and sustained impact" across all aspects of the health service due to the current level of COVID-19.

This includes public health, testing and tracing services and general practice - as well as broader primary care services and the acute hospital system.

And he says people who regularly engage in "higher risk activities" should consider self-testing on a regular basis.

He says this would be a minimum of twice weekly, spaced out by three days, for activities that are ongoing over a period of time.

These activities could include going to bars, restaurants, nightclubs, the cinema, multi-household visits, playing indoor contact sports, and car sharing with people from other households.

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