Get outside and play in that snow!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We've lost the run of ourselves in the east of the country lads, and there are weather warnings in place for the rest of the country too.

Many doubted if snow would fall at all, but there's a serious case of #FlakeNews today.

People are being advised to work from home and schools are closed for the day.

Although not everyone affected got to take a snow day.

However the Irish know how to make the most craic out of any situation and we've been on (bad pun alert) Snow Patrol as people send in their snow updates in their droves.

Can we get a moment of praise for these enthusiastic skiers who are taking full advantage of the snow?

While some people are making the most of having the day off work.

We're getting pretty creative with our snowmen.

And gone are the green fields of Ireland - replaced instead with rolling white peaks.

Happy Snow Day folks- and remember to stay safe! 

And be grateful that no matter how cold it gets, at least you weren't knocked off your feet by a speeding canoe.