There’s good news and bad news to take in here

This is not a drill folks.

It’s the hottest week to hit Ireland in over 40 years and there’s a ferocious demand for ice cream across the country

From 99s to Cornettos and from Brunches to the classic Choc Ice, we’ve been lining up to get our fix of ice cold goodness all week.

However McDonalds have decided to zig while everyone else zags.

They’ve announced today that they will be scrapping their iconic Ice Cream Sundae from their menu.

Dermot & Dave were first tipped off by a concerned listener, Michelle, who was left aghast when she was told she would no longer be able to order a McDonalds Sundae during a recent trip to the fast food giant.

We reached out to McDonalds for a comment and they did confirm that the Ice Crean Sundae is going.

However, they confirmed that it would be replaced by a new Ice Cream.

Set to be announced this week a new Mini McFlurry is coming to McDonalds across Ireland.

It will be a smaller version of the normal McFlurry and will be available at the same price point as the Ice Cream Sundae.